Model Advice

I recently posted something to social media, it was quite a vulnerable post, but it was positioned to help others who may be facing a similar struggle.

After posting it I felt a bit of discomfort and I’m not sure why.

One factor that contributed to this is that I think quite a few people missed the point and I felt as if I was being pitied.  Another factor was that I had this over whelming feeling of ‘who am I to talk about feelings’, then worried that I came across patronizing.

I did a model on this

C Posting to social media
T Who am I to talk about feelings?
F insecure
A worry, ruminate, guess what people are thinking, buffer, check phone
R not doing it again, not taking steps forward, not putting my work out into the world

C Posting to social media
T I can talk about feelings as I am a worthy human being living the human experience
F secure
A talking/ helping people that might interact with the post, opening up conversation,
R Making connections, moving forward, sharing my experience, moving on and planning my next step forward

Often when I do these models I’m not sure what I am supposed to do after doing the intention model, do I repeat the desired thought?
Intellectually I understand that I cannot control and will never know what people think, but I struggle to not feel affected by this.