Model – Am I doing this right?

I joined SCS in March for April, but because of extreme health issues with my father I got incredibly frustrated with Time Management and decided now is not the time for me to try to change that aspect of my life. Anyway, I love the topic of relationships for May!

I just did my Thought Download about myself. Here’s what I wrote:
I am slow and never get anything done. I am isolated and lonely. I want to return to Italy, but I don’t. I’m sick of having no money, but what can I do? I think, but I don’t execute. I am hopeful.

My UNINTENTIONAL Thought Pattern is:
C – Source of Income
T – Nothing will ever change
F – I’m incapable of making the right decision
A – I don’t execute
R – Everything stays the same.

My INTENTIONAL Thought Pattern:
C – Income
T – I am selling coaching packages (I am currently in a coach training program)
F – Elated because I learned what I need to do
A – I executed my plan
R – I have income.

My questions are:
1) The thought patterns come from my thought downloads, correct? I just chose something I wrote and work on that?
2) I am unsure of the F line on Intentional. Is this simply supposed to be the opposite of what I wrote on the Unintentional pattern? Should it be more like “Elated because I realize I am capable of making the right decision AND I did”?
3) This month is on relationships – but my thoughts about myself seem mostly to be about my feeling of inadequacy regarding creating an income. I noticed this last month too – all my thoughts were surrounding income and lack of it. Should I be trying to focus more on the month’s topic?