Model and random thoughts

What I am realizing is this this course is not specific to my issue or it is. I drink wine every night–it has become a habit. It has been a struggle but I won’t give up on changing it. I was adopted as a baby (i’m 64). I have recently found my birth family–all sorts of questions have come up. My mom has since passed–she was partially paralyzed–she was young, got pregnant and he left.

In the shower this morning, I did the model–T) I was abandoned and unloved as a baby F) sadness A) give up R) No movement in my life

I tried it again: t) My mom loved me so much she wanted me to have everything she couldn’t give me F) tears of love A) Continue to build my life around love, laughter and growth R) Enjoy life — don’t take it so seriously

My question. Can thoughts like expressed in the model affect my drinking? I thought I loved my wine at night–maybe not–buffering?