Model around salary

Hi there! I would like your feedback on my models. It’s about how much I earn with my job :

C – I earn X money with my job
T – “I should be earning more”
F – negative
A – ruminate, overthink, overdeliver and feel resentful about it
R – I’m not giving myself the opportunity to been paid more

I have a meeting with my boss where I’ll have the opportunity to ask for a raise.
here’s my IM :

C – Meeting with GM
T – I value myself and I’m wildly capable to have this kind of conversations
F – Confident / calm/ professional
A – prepare the meeting, practicing beforehand, good night sleep, affirmations, meditation.
R – I’m proud of how I managed this meeting.

I’m not sure about the R line in the models, can you help me with this?
Thank you!