Model around Spending $21,000

In my 20 minute coach session tonight, I was processing feeling a lot of pressure to succeed as a coach after spending $21,000 on certification (which I am signing up for in April).  I wanted to share my unintentional and intentional model with you to see if you have any tips and advice of how to tweak it even more and fine tune it.  I am not sure if I address the pressure piece of it all.

C: Spending $21,000 on certification
T: I better succeed as a coach or I will be wasting my family’s money on nothing.
F: Scared and worried
A: Ambivalence to signing up. Researching cheaper programs for the millionth time
R: Slow down my process of moving forward to becoming a coach; stay stuck in a confused place

C: Spending $21,000 on certification
T: I am so glad that the money going towards certification is coming from a source (future savings) that my family will not feel the impact of using that money
F: Grateful that I have the privilege to have savings to use for something like this and grateful to have a partner who wants to support me doing something like this.
A: Sign up and be relaxed about it!
R: Move forward in becoming a coach in a grateful and excited way

Thank you for any help you can offer!