Model Assistance for Morning Routine

I have been doing a morning routine since early December. I am using a journal to track my routine and have been consistently getting up at 5:45 am on weekdays since then. This week I am struggling. Yesterday, I got up, did my homework, ate, and then did too much internet time until I was running late for work. Today, I didn’t get up until 7:20. I implemented this routine for two major reasons, to get to work by 8am and to have some time to focus on homework for Scholars and do some other things before work.

My model for today:
C – Got out of bed at 7:20
T – I am going to fail.
F – Disheartened
A – Continue to allow myself not to get up, change routine, ruminate about the problem
R – Fail

In reality, I have the “I am going to fail.” thought, but I don’t think that I am being true to the actions immediately. Like, I think tomorrow I will recover and keep going, but having the thought that I am going to fail makes it more likely I will continue to struggle in the future.

My intentional model is another thought I have sort of simultaneously with the first.
C – Got out of bed at 7:20
T – It was a slip, I can recover.
F – Okay
A – Get up tomorrow on schedule, stop ruminating
R – Continue Routine

I do believe the second one, but still have the negative thought in the first one anyway. Is it best to just be aware of the negative thought and work on avoiding ruminating? Unlike situations where I don’t believe the intentional thought, this is where I believe both thoughts even though that cannot be logical.