Model check

I’m doing some future self work. I have a goal of making $100k per year working <20 hrs per week. I know that future me feels proud, so I created a model to feel that now with my current income. I also created another model to practice being that future person now. Let me know if these models look sound. Thanks!

C= I make $40k/yr working 30 hrs/wk
T = I did this, and from scratch! [I suppose these are 2 thoughts, but I kept them here because separately they still both produce the feeling of “proud”]
F = Proud
A = I tell people about it when asked or when it’s relevant, I tell them they can do it too, I share my perspective and my “secrets”, I tell them my story with confidence and in a confident voice, I smile as I speak, I speak about my work in a positive light.
R = I continue to create more money within the hours I work.

C= I make $100k/yr working <20hrs per week
T= This is just what I do
C = Certain
A = I focus during work time, I’m conscious and careful about how I spend my working time, I think about how I can do more in less time, I’m efficient with my time, I look for ways to add value without adding to my workload, I think big, I do thought work and future-self work.
R = I make $100k/yr working <20 hrs per week