Model Check

New to the Model & tried it around the R line: Not enough sleep. Curious your thoughts / if you have any suggestions or feedback as I continue to try these out.

C – 2nd coffee in the afternoon / Overthinking / Trouble winding down / rolled over to check phone
T – I’m not tired enough to fall asleep.
F – Restless in bed.
A – Stayed up later than bedtime.
R – Not enough sleep.

C – Overthinker, Trouble winding down
T – I took the steps necessary to get myself ready for bed.
F – Ready for bed.
A – Fell asleep on time.
R – Enough sleep

So in this scenario, I kept “overthinker & trouble winding down” in the C line because those are facts for me, unfortunately. But I came to the conclusion that I need to change some of the other circumstances that play a factor in whether or not I can say to myself that I feel ready for bed? Ha, again, open to feedback! New to this.