Model Check (CM)

First time posting!

Thank you for all you do, Brooke and coaches. I’m down 27 lbs since my June 2nd SCS start date. I have incredible dreams that I’m now refusing to back away from – so exciting.
I had a WHOA moment, this morning – I’ve been doing the model in my head lot over the years (podcast listener) but it isn’t until recently that I’ve been doing the thought downloads and then writing out the model – such a difference.

I often deal with imposter syndrome/”I’m a fraud” thoughts. So when writing down my purpose today for the daily thought download, it was no surprise that this came up. Instead of saying to myself, “yeah, I know, it is a thing but you can do it anyway,” (totally not believing it) I did a model, this is what I came up with:

C – Learning as I go
T – I am a fraud – they’ll find out.
F – Scared
A – Taking smaller actions than I know are possible for me.
R – Provide less value in the world than I know is possible.

I totally see how the R line proves the T line in this case. It is the first time, I’ve gotten that on my own model. And, it hit home for me.

My new model:
C – Learning as I go
T – I can’t wait to create value with all that I am learning on my journey.
F – excited
A – Create tremendous value in every stage of my journey
R – Always improving value.

How am I doing with the models? So funny, it has taken me 8+ weeks to get the courage to post anything here – guess why – yep, always that imposter syndrome. Sheesh, it is insane what our brains do to us.

Thank you for your time and all that you do. Soooo appreciated.

Happy day to all!