model check for impossible goal

Hey there –

I have 2 questions below about my impossible goal — the first is to clarify something in relation to result actions towards my specific goal versus strategic byproducts. My impossible goal is to be a breakout star in an acclaimed feature film that tours top festivals — so I am taking result actions towards that goal this year (25 per quarter as suggested – so far, I’m on track). Every result action I’m taking is focused on films in particular, even though I also act in plays and TV shows. My question is, this weekend, I was a guinea pig actor for a professional filmmaking class, and it ended up taking more time than I anticipated (the class ran over etc) — it was a solid result action because there were lots of working filmmakers in the class and I did great work, so the result being building new relationships with working filmmakers / directors. However during that same weekend, I got a great (but complicated) self-tape audition for a TV show. Due to the preparation work involved in that, and my time limitations, it spun me into a bit of overwhelm — and even though I got it done well, the self-tape experience was a bit stressful, and I wish I’d had more time to prepare. My questions are: 1. how could I have managed this situation better? I somehow feel like I failed at being the best I could at my audition, due to the filmmaking class. 2. Does a TV action count as a result action, even though it’s technically not towards my specific impossible goal? (I think the answer is no, but just checking).

Open to any suggestions. I intuit there’s a lesson here about having to keep space open for auditions that may emerge, but am curious to hear your feedback. Thanks!