Model check lb

Had dinner with an acquaintance. She told me all she and her son are doing to make him most desirable for college of his choice- 1000 dollar a month flying lessons, executive application coach, applications at 10 colleges completed regardlss of price, private high school, own car, weekends with private ski coach to make well rounded. I woke up today panicked . Feelings of shame and inadequacy. Currently im deep in project to make a career for myself that will earn needed money and be aligned with my purpose and Im in ups in down with thiughts about that, then this on top had me in a tizzy about supporting my own kids in their college quest in 3 years. Can you help with models?
C conversation with lori
T shes doing all right things to support her kids and i dont have money to do that
F shame, inadequecy
A puff up and act important and like i fit in but inside thoughts of shame and overwhelm
R Belief i wint do right and cant do right
Am i doing ui model right? 🙂 what is an im that supports? Thank you!