Model check please!

C: Starting accountability coaching side business
T: My full-time job won’t want me
F: Fear
A: Use time during work day to work on side business, allow myself to be distracted, lie to myself about what I’m doing, check phone all the time, switch tabs on my screen when coworkers walk by to hide what I’m doing (and then feel bad about it), lie to myself about my respect for boss
R: I don’t want my full-time job (really really don’t want this result and I don’t believe it’s true—cognitive dissonance)

C: Starting accountability coaching side business
T: My coaching work will bring incredible value to the work I do at my full-time job (I really believe this right now)
F: Empowered
A: Show up 100% all-in at work; allow urges for distractions without reacting to them; honor my calendar; leave side business work for non-work time; be open with boss about what my coaching experience can do for job; do thought downloads and models when I’m feeling restless or bored with a task; shorten the time I give myself to finish things; check in with boss every week on priorities, progress, projects, and goals; proactively seek opportunities to provide value (like creating a coaching workshop that our department can charge for and turn into revenue); respect the decisions I make and not judge them; accept feedback and criticism and use it to make myself better.
R: The value I bring makes me invaluable to my employer