Model check please!

Can I get a model check?

Unintentional Model:
C: January SCS “Your Thoughts About You” homework
T: I want to believe this is the life I’m supposed to have.
F: Imprisoned? Trapped? Sad? Melancholy? Resignation? (Despair is too strong.)
A: Keep spinning in current thoughts, ruminate on what could be different, don’t do anything to change my situation for the future, vacillate between making and executing on big plans and just sitting on the couch doing nothing, indulge in feeling like a victim, think about things I should do but don’t do them, come up with excuses for why I’m not doing anything to make my life better.
R: I don’t believe this is the life I’m supposed to have.

Bridge Model:
C: same
T: I’m willing to consider that this is the life I’m supposed to have.
F: Curious
A: Experiment with changing thoughts, working towards consistency in what I do every day, practice honoring my calendar and other protocols, don’t beat myself up when I don’t follow through or when I make mistakes, watch my thoughts and ask questions about why I believe the things I believe when they come up in my brain.
R: I start to create an intentional life, making mistakes along the way but not letting those mistakes or “failures” mean I’m a mistake or a failure.

Intentional Model:
C: same
T: This is the life I’m supposed to have. (Could also go with “I create my own future.”)
F: Empowered
A: Consistently make and execute on big plans for my life, do a great job at work, follow through on goals and calendar with confidence, learn from mistakes, don’t make mistakes define who I am, don’t make negative thoughts mean something negative about me.
R: I live the life I want to have, knowing that my life up to this point has led me here.