Model confusion – follow up

Thanks for the response to my last question.

Would this model also work instead? I want to make feeling my negative emotions into a positive experience so it prompts the action I want to take with less resistance.

C: I see a box of sweets in the fridge.
T: I’m not at negative 5 on the hunger scale (if that’s accurate right then). My body has enough to dine in, so I can physically wait to eat. I can get more joy right now by choosing to be with myself for some time instead of eating.
F: Joy, awareness, presence, consciousness
A: Don’t eat then, wait till -5. Then eat just enough fuel food to get to 0. Feel the feelings of deprivation, temptation etc.
R: More self awareness, lose weight, confidence.

I know I’m listing some emotions in the R line above but I feel that it would be a result of choosing to be with myself at that time.