Model Cravings


I would like to know if these Models make sense, please. So when I have my normal protocol I’m usually pretty good with it. But when I plan for exceptions, I cannot allow urges without giving into it.

Here is the unconscious Model I found.

C: craving
T: I’m learning, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I know any time I eat something that is not a natural food, I cannot stop myself. I already feel bad, so it’s too late – next time I’ll be better. I need more; I didn’t have enough – it’s supposed to be my exception / joy eat, and I should feel satisfied.
F: defeated, resigned, powerless, overwhelmed
A: I eat what is not written down in my exemption
R: overeating / overweight / I feel bad

Conscious model I’d love to adopt:

C: craving
T: I got this, I knew I would have cravings and I can handle it. I can feel the discomfort and don’t act on it.
F: powerful
A: don’t overeat
R: I reach my ideal weight

This model seems nice but I am not convinced this will be enough to make me feel powerful and not act on my cravings…

Thanks for your feedback