Model D12

hi Brooke, this is my first month with SCS! Within SCS and for my 2019 impossible goal, I choose to focus on stop eating sugar and flour.
I’d like your input on a model – am I staying too vague?

Unintentional thought:
C: breakfast meeting with a friend – sitting at the table
T: I’m not hungry, plates are very large at this place, she just asked me what I’ll have, I might as well eat now, it will be done
F: trapped, indecisive, unsure
A: I order the “smallest” breakfast item – toast with butter and fruit compote
R: I didn’t honor my commitment/need “I’m not hungry”

Intentional thought:
C: same
T: i’m here to chat with her – it’s not my eating window – no need more than having a coffee
F: indifferent to the menu
A: I don’t even look at the menu
R: I stay with my protocol – I drink my coffee