Model – DAY 4/66

Redo model following feedback day 3.

C I sleep no more than 5h30 weeknights
T I can’t help it to watch screens late.
F resigned
A I don’t try to switch off screens , I look at my watch a lot, I am looking for very interesting programme that I will get suck in, I beat myself up and sometimes can not enjoy what I am watching
R I am exhausted the following day

Your answer was:

It’s just not true that you “can’t” turn off screens–you are choosing not to because of something you feel which drives you to keep your screens on. Are you willing to get curious about what thought might be driving you to do this?

I was trying to figure out what thought /feeling drives me to keep screen on. I really couldn’t figure out . So I suppose the next time that I do , hopefully i will be aware of it and try to notice really what I feel and think at that time. Any other suggestions?