Model – DAY 7/66

Hello, I am just out of my 20 mins coaching call and we talk about thought about myself.

The thought I always have is that I am not a good example for my children as I stay late in bed on weekends.

I am going to try to write on unintentional and intentional models based on that thought.

Unintentional Model:

C I watch Netflix until 2pm today in bed.
T I am such a bad example for my children to stay late in bed at weekends.
F stressed
A I can’t stop judging myself for hours once I get up, I don’t enjoy the present moment, I put myself under pressure to as many things as possible and I can be impatient with kids as I want things done as it is late in the day
R All the family is under pressure and on edge around me.

Intentional Model:

C I watch Netflix until 2 pm today in bed.
T I enjoy my weekends morning late in bed as I recharge for the week.
F Thankful
A I am efficient with what I am doing as I am well rested , I am present with the kids
R All the family spend an enjoyable relaxed weekend.

Thanks for feedback