Model – DAY 8/66

Following my yesterday models (unintentional and intentional) and your feedback, I am trying to come up with “bridge thoughts” (not sure if this is what you call it) to help me in believing the thought ‘I enjoy my weekend mornings late in bed as I recharge for the week.’ from my intentional model and not being judgmental about the circumstance, only see it as neutral as mentioned on yesterday answer.

Here are the bridge thoughts I could come up with:

* I am so lucky to be able to lie in bed on weekend mornings and not to have to get up for a job .
* You have been dreaming of this lie-in at weekends for years when kids were young. Finally, it is here.
* The kids are really happy to have their game time and YouTube while I am resting in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays.
* The kids have never complained that I am in bed while they are up. Enjoying themselves.
* When the kids need me, they come to me.

What do you think? Are they ‘bridge thoughts’ ?

At what stage do I need to practice those thoughts? Everyday or is it when I am lying down at the weekends and I catch myself have the thought: ‘I am such a bad example for my children to stay late in bed at weekends.’

Thanks again for your valuable feedback.