Model – DAY 9/66

Something that I want to work/think about myself is that I am not a good listener. I get overexcited about a topic for example and I interrupt people , so I can say my bit. So rude. Same with my children, I don’t listen half the time but it’s different . I don’t listen to them as I am preoccupied with others things while they’re talking to me.

I am aware of this for few years that I am not a good listener which I don’t like about myself, I would even say that I hate it. As I am aware of it (most of the time!), I usually try to prep myself before meeting people and repeat “Just listen, and breathe”. It usually work for 10 mins and it is then forgotten.
Not sure what to do really – Hopefully doing models on this will help.

Unintentional model:
C I interrupt people during conversations
T I really talk too much & don’t listen to people enough
F Frustrated
A I will replay conversation after many times, in my head, beat myself up to be that way, I apologise often to the person I interrupt
R I repeat this pattern over and over again

The end goal would be to have a thought like “I am learning to listen more/ I believe that I can listen more” . Unfortunately, I find so many evidences that I am not a good listener on a daily basis in spite of my awareness, that this thought seems absolutely unattainable.

Thanks for your help.