Model fatigue

Hi Brooke and Team,
I’ve been doing thought downloads and models every day since I joined SCS in April and have found that they’ve made a massive difference. I’ve been improving my relationships, losing weight, and dealing with my anxiety in really effective ways. The thing is, I feel like when I’ve done work on an issue and really feel like I’ve got it, it’s like it’s just making room for the next issue to pop up and demand work. It’s feeling a tad unrelenting and I’m worried that I’ll give up working on myself because it’s so much easier to ‘go back in the cave’. I kinda know that’s a lie, because I wasn’t happy in the cave either (otherwise I wouldn’t have looked for something like SCS in the first place), but it’s still feeling easier at the moment then feeling all these pesky emotions. Any tips on how to stay the course?
Cheers, Kim