Model feedback about family purchasing property

My husband told me the below and I immediately felt jealous so I decided to dig a little deeper. Please let me know how my models look:

C= Husband said his step-father and step-brother purchased a property together. It was valued at $1.2 million but they bought it for $700k. Husband said they’re planning on building 5 houses on it as an investment.
T= I don’t know if I’ll ever have that kind of money
F= Insecurity
A= Doubt I made the right choices in my business; keep changing my mind about decisions; make short-sighted decisions; I see “failures” as evidence I’m not going to succeed; I give up on my business and start again with something else
R= I don’t make more money

Intentional Model:
C= ”
T= My R Line can be anything I put in there
F= Confidence
A= I keep taking massive action; I look toward my future self for guidance; I use today’s missed results as lessons; I keep showing up at work; I master Monday Hour One; I take calculated risks; I evaluate my actions; I analyze my models; I use thoughts that serve me.
R= I make my financial goals come true

Unintentional Model
C= ”
T= They have money and I don’t
F= Jealous
A= Ruminate about things I don’t have; compare my situation to theirs; pretend to be happy for them by ignoring jealousy feeling or suppressing it.
R = I rob myself of the opportunity of being able to share in their joy

Intentional Model:
C= ”
T= I love money for everyone! [explanation of thought: because the more money we have, the more fun we can have and the more people we can help]
F= Abundance
A= I smile at the circumstance; I say how great that is; I talk to my husband about what a great opportunity it is for them and how it nice to see father and son working together and making something
R= I share in their joyful experience