Model feedback – Client assignment

Just wanted some feedback. The C relates to an article I have to write for a client. They provided a detailed outline, so I needed to research 20+ points before I started writing.

Unintentional Model
C = Scrolling through assignment outline. First two sections completed. Last 4 sections left.
T = Ugh. I still have to do all this.
F = Discouraged
A = Update my Google calendar and take long; Making a grocery list of the things I remember we need; respond to mom’s text messages; grab a snack; go see husband in the other room.
R = I still have the rest of the work to do.

C = Research needed for assignment outline
T = Time is passing (and I’m not working) [Are these two thoughts? I know we should avoid compound sentences in the thought line but the “and I’m not working” explains why “Time is passing” is a problem. Is it ok to have both of them in this instance?]
F = Anxiety
A = Same actions as above; think about other things to do; open document but don’t actually start; remember other things to do and do them instead.

I didn’t write out my intentional models, but I did think of some new thoughts:
“I can take one small step”
“I can do one rough outline”
“Time is always passing”
“I want to work with my time”