Model feedback: Disrespectful teenager

My relationship with my son has become pretty strained. He won’t spend time with his dad, so my son and I are together all the time. (I work from home and he is distance learning still.) He is 17. I am feeling really frustrated and thought I could try doing a model on this. I am still new here (this is my 2nd model and I signed up on the 15th).

I started this model with the feeling line: frustrated/irritated

C: My son is 17.
T: My son frequently is disrespectful, unappreciative and entitled.
F: Frustrated / irritated
A: I yell back at him, I hide my tears, escape into TV, overeat
R: Our relationship continues to be strained.

I can see how my actions are not going to help the results. But I do feel like the disrespectfulness and other things on the thought line in this model is really circumstance and not just a thought. Any feedback on this would be so appreciated.

Thank you.