Model Feedback: Feeling Unsupported

I’d love some feedback on this model.

C: Started an informal mastermind group with 2 other coaches this week.
Told them I wanted to use the group for accountability and to get feedback.
Told them my goal over the next three months is to sign 3 clients.
My offer is one year (50 sessions) for $5K.
One coach responded with questions for me regarding the length of the package.
Another coach responded with a couple things:
* “What is the cost of living in your area?”
* “Can you live on that?”
* “Listen to what you just said ‘it’s going to be harder to sell a $5K package than a $1200 package’, See you don’t even believe in your offer.”
T: They’re trying to talk me into changing my offer.
F: Unsupported
A: Defended my decision with list of reasons why I like it.
Raised my voice/got a bit animated when I was offering my reasons.
Didn’t share the rest of my goals with the group.
After call and days to follow began wondering if I was missing something, but continually came back to liking my offer.
Feel like if I continue with my offer they’ll say something on the order of “told ya so” if I don’t sign 3 clients.
Think: I was so excited about this group because I was going to get support. Now it’s the opposite.
Possibly censor myself in the future.
Censor my feedback to them out of concern of not being supportive to them.
R: I am changing what I offer the group.

I to make the Thought and Result match, I feel like my R should be something more like “I am trying to talk myself into changing my offer”, but I really don’t see that.

I’d also appreciate any insight as to other questions I might want to be asking myself regarding this situation.