Model Feedback – Forgetting Things

I’ve recently felt like I’ve been dropping the ball on daily responsibilities (appointments, doing consults in a timely manner, mentoring my interns). I’ve been struggling with overwhelm and procrastination in getting a plan of action together. I did a thought download on that today and I was wondering if I could get some feed back on the models I came up with?

C: forgetting things
T: everyone is wondering what the hell happened to the person who had it all together
F: failing
A: become more anxious to please others and put on the fake persona of a person who has it all together
R: pile on more without planning on how to get things accomplished

C: forgetting things
T: I can figure out how to prioritize and accomplish the things I need to do
F: calm & controlled
A: set aside time to plan, analyze the steps required to get things done, don’t take on projects that don’t serve me
R: a sustainable plan for accomplishing tasks and feeling good about the products.