Model Feedback: Mom was wrong/I am wrong

I would love some feedback on this model.

C: I said “The series had 6 episodes. Oh wait, episodes 4-6 are the same as the first three episodes only in Spanish.”
Mother said “There are only three episodes and the subject of the documentary dies at the end of episode 3.”
T: She is making sure I know I was wrong even though I already corrected myself.
F: Resentful
A: Play the conversation over and over in my head for days.
Think of responses I could’ve said at the time or could say in the future should a similar situation arise. (Not nice responses, like “oh in the usual family fashion, you’re just making sure I know I made a mistake.”)
Think to myself over and over, “yep, that’s what our family does look for any little mistake someone makes and point it out to them no matter how small or insignificant.”
R: I am looking for flaws in my mother (family) and making them wrong.