Model feedback on attending a meet-up

Hi there. I love July’s daily work as it redirects my brain from thinking about what I missed, what I’ve done wrong, and so on, to the other part of reality (that is equally true and more beneficial). Thank you. I have done two models on a meet-up I attended yesterday. Can you please give feedback on those?

C Attended meet-up yesterday
T They didn’t have much in common with me
F Lonely
A Separate myself from them in my thoughts, think negative of this experience, do not follow up on contacts, do not attend again, do not attend other meet-ups
R I’m not establishing a connection

C Attended meet-up yesterday
T (I trust that) I played my part well
F Trusting
A Appreciate myself for attending, think positive of this experience, follow up on contacts, attend again, attend other meet-ups
R I’m establishing a connection