Model feedback on mother-in-law

I have 2 unintentional and intentional models I wanted feedback on, all with the same circumstance.

C= Mother-in-law calls 5xs; 3 calls during the day on my husband’s phone were missed because we didn’t see it. 2 calls at night—1 we didn’t pick up because we were busy, the 2nd was immediately afterward on my phone.
T= She uses phonecalls to manipulate my husband and myself
F = Angry
A = I don’t pick; complain to husband about her calling; Husband complains to me about her calling. I’m weary about talking to her on the phone; My brain looks for a second motive; I don’t talk for long; ruminate about her emotionally manipulating my husband; think she’s being deceitful with him;
R = I’m a victim to the circumstance

Intentional Model
C= Mom in law calls 5xs
T = She can’t make me or my husband feel any certain way
F = In control
A = I’m friendly and open with her on the phone; I choose not to believe my thoughts creating guilt; I let my husband process her words and feel how he decides to
R = I’m in control of my feelings

C= Mom in law calls 5xs
T = She’s overreacting [because’s thinking the worst has happened to us because we didn’t pick up]
F = Annoyed
A = I don’t pick up (or pick up begrudgingly in other instances); I don’t look forward to calling her back. I complain to my husband. Keep waiting for to say she was worried, ask what happened, and ask why we didn’t answer her calls.
R = I’m overreacting

Intentional Model
C= Mom in law calls 5xs
T = What mother wouldn’t worry?!
F = Understanding
A = I answer if my husband can’t. I don’t overthink or doubt her reasons for calling. I don’t complain. I don’t get irritated when I see she’s calling. I let her know we were busy if I pick up. I acknowledge her worry when she expresses it.
R = I don’t see her calling as a bad thing.