Model feedback on not doing anything für my business

I found the following model in today’s homework:

C Saturday
T I haven’t done anything for my business
F Frustrated
A Beat myself up, question business, question myself, stay in my head
R No real progress in my business

I tried the following intentional model, but it seems to be quite a stretch:

C Saturday
T I’m doing the right things at the right time
F Trusting
A Do not beat myself up, focus on activities in my calendar
R I have done what I planned to do

And here’s my bridge model:
C Saturday
T My business might as well benefit from days without business activities
F Open, Fascinated
A Explore the idea, do thought work, create space for ideas, refuel
R I’ve grown

Hope that makes sense. What would you suggest to support the idea that I do not have to work 24/7 for my business to show results?