Model Feedback on Work

It’s been my observation that this person displays constant frustration when things do not go his way. He expressed an issue or concern about a situation and as a team we came up with a solution. Today, he changed his mind again on the approach (the solution) and because of the indecisiveness, it is causing a delay on this project. I would like some help on the intentional model. Thank you

C – He said he doesn’t want to go out to the field now
T – Is he serious right now? he told me he wanted to go out into the field because it would be easier to get the work done on-site and I got the approval for the teams to go and now he’s changing his mind again causing a delay on this project!
F – Frustrated
A – I walk away when I read his body language and tone (sarcastic and angry) to not get triggered
R – I still feel frustrated by his indecision and attitude, I am frustrated with myself

C – He said he doesn’t want to go out on the field now
T – Here he goes again changing his mind again, let me try to understand why he doesn’t want to
F –
A –
R –