Model feedback please – on business

C: Husband said “How much is your business earning, anyway?” I answered “we’ll know during tax time.” I didn’t disclose my business made $939 in profits in June (after taxes) and a similar amount the month before.
T: I’m going to have to work for someone else if I don’t start earning more
F: Anxious
A: Feel desperate to earn more money now, think about how bad I thought working for other people was, defend how much I’m earning, say that I was earning well until COVID-19, Use COVID-19 as a excuse to why my income still hasn’t gone back up.
R: I continue making the same amount of money in my business because I see myself as a victim

C: ”
T: I can accomplish any result I want
F: Confident
A: Make decisions from a place of abundance, be honest about my revenue these past months with husband, tell him my revenue goal, take massive action toward my revenue goal, create a daily belief plan
R: I accomplish my business revenue goal