Model feedback please

How do these models look? I’m also not sure about the R line in the unintentional.


C Husband asked me to get the car’s bumper fixed. I said okay and asked him on Friday to create a list of auto body shops I can get estimates from. I reminded him on Saturday. I scheduled from 8:30am to 11:30am on Monday to do this. He did not create the list and took the car to work on Monday.

T I can’t depend on him for anything

F Resentful

A Ruminate about all the things I ask him to do and he doesn’t, snap at him, stay on edge, act curt with him, make passive aggressive comments, stop asking him to do things, don’t remind him again, I do myself what I asked him to do but with the wrong fuel

R I give away my power to fulfill my needs and wants to someone outside myself


C same

T I want to take ownership of my needs and wants

F Empowered

A Create the list myself, put the car keys in a different place so he doesn’t accidentally take it

R I take ownership of what’s important to me