Model feedback pleeeeez1

C: Schedule
T: I don’t know where to start
F: helpless
A: rewatch Brooke’s videos/listen to her podcast process, write out massive to do list, start plugging things in, realize that I have discrepancies, email people about rescheduling appointments, print out new schedules, make more notes, get frustrated and decide to just try things on calendar for TODAY…realize I’ve already blown way past the time I allotted for scheduling….scream internally, feel defeated and caught in shame and self pity, tell myself I HATE EFFING SCHEDULING AND MY BRAIN CAN’T DO IT AND ALL THE EFFORT WAS A WASTE OF TIME
R: no progress on schedule, waaaay more overwhelm

IM (I can believe I’ll grow wings and fly before I believe this….help pls w intentional/bridge model!)
C: Schedule
T: I got this! (Yeah right!!!)
F: Competent
R: Schedule that looks like Brooke’s where I just have to sit down, show up and get sh*t done.

***I know B says that feeling uncertainty around how much time things take is indulgent. I want to believe that, but it’s not helping me. Much of what’s going into my schedule are things I’ve never done before, so its guess work. I tend to OVERschedule myself and get way less done, run late etc. I AM uncertain, and I have so many moving pieces in my life…what does a FLEXIBLE and also COMMITTED schedule look like?