Model Feedback re: relationship with friend

I’d appreciate some feedback on this model. Does it all connect? Is there anything am possibly not seeing?
C: * Known friend for over 3 years.
* Talk on the phone 3-7 days per week.
* Both live alone and isolating during Covid.
* Found out today via text message that his psychotherapist advised him to cut off communication with me. He agreed not to initiate calls but he would still answer and return my calls because he “could not abandon his best friend while in isolation.” (this agreement apparently was made months ago)
* I believe our conversations are affecting me adversely because of what I consider his negative/alarmist attitude.
T: If we are both being harmed by the relationship, it is time to end it.
F: Relief
A * Stop calling him.
* Wish him well and send good intentions his way.
* Be grateful for what I learned from the relationship.
* Forgive myself for any harm I may have caused him and forgive him for any perceived harm he caused me.
* Look for lessons I can learn from this relationship.
R: *Move on to better relationships.
* Spend more time on activities and in relationships that are nurturing (not harmful).