Model feedback / Thought in the C line

Hi! I would love to have some feedback on the model I did today, espacially since I’ve put a thought in the C line. Thanks!

C: Earlier today, on a day off, I was thinking about my job and thought ‘I don’t like my job, it’s so hard for me to wake up in the morning and go to work’
T: I wish I was motivated to go to work
F: Helpless
A: Rumination: ‘I hate my job’, ‘Why can’t my boss give other tasks to do instead of the same thing full time’, ‘If I was boss, I would treat my employee differently’, ‘It’s so unfair that I’m the only one in the department who’s doing this boring stuff full time’, ‘They are inhuman’, ‘I’m jaleous of the people who love their job’, ‘Why am I still working there’
R: I create ressentment toward my job, even during my day off