model feedback: time scarcity belief

I have thought “I don’t have enough time” so many times it’s a belief. Would love feedback on my model. thanks

C I have not yet achieved x, y, z (very specific goals I set for myself previously)
T I don’t have enough time
F Scarcity
A Don’t go for big things, skip on taking care of myself, get frustrated
R Don’t get x, y, z; thought that I don’t have enough time keeps me using my time effectively to get the results

C I have set a goal to achieve x, y, z (very specific goals)
T I am open to the possibility that there is plenty of time to build anything I want
F Excited
A get organized, take steps, get results, fail some, take more steps
R Achieve results, prove to myself that I can accomplish them with 24 hours in a day