Model feeling cumbersome

Hi Brooke,
I would like your help on how better to craft the model so it doesn’t feel so cumbersome. I have a really small incident that happened last night- I have bigger issues to use the model on (trust me) but this one is a good example of how I write so much in the model. Ok, so I came home from work and played with my daughter. My husband had come home around the same time. I then started making dinner. My husband’s brother came over to play with our daughter. My husband immediately turned on the t.v. as her uncle walked in. She was then in catatonic state watching a movie- instead of playing with her uncle and getting off some energy (that would be necessary for us to get to bed on time!). So here’s my model:
C: Hubby turned on t.v., I’m making dinner
T: Give me a break! Let her run around for an hour before the t.v. and her uncle can play with her (he’s leaving on a trip and won’t see her for 2 weeks).
F: Ugh- annoyed as hell. Ready to boil- head is buzzing
A: I stew for awhile then walk over to the couch and confront hubby
R: Look like a crazy, controlling person

C: Hubby turned on t.v., I’m making dinner
T: I can’t control other people’s actions. Hubby has the right to make decisions for daughter and he has the right to turn on the t.v. if he wants to. Daughter got up early that morning and so probably is tired and does need a break with t.v.
F: Relieved- it is out of my hands. Let him make that decision
A: Keep on making dinner. Leave them alone.
R: Peaceful feeling

Ok, please help me shorten my models Brooke!