Model for a feeling I want to feel

So I’ve just found out that there isn’t going to be a role for me in the new structure at work. This is not unexpected. I’m a contractor and worked directly for the old boss We have a new one as of a few months ago and the whole function (and company) is going through a major revamp.

It’s also sort of good news as I know there are other things I could and should do. I’m also okay financially so there is no emergency. In fact when the new boss was starting I was considering the option if I didn’t want to stay to see it out to mid December and then take Dec / Jan off work.

But now it’s clear there isn’t going to be a role for me and I didn’t decide this and I’m feeling lots of those 50% negative emotions.

In so many ways I’m glad I’m in scholars! This and the work I’ve done this year on myself and my thinking will be the resources to deal with this opportunity / challenge / circumstance.

I’ve been doing lots of thought downloads and spending some time letting myself feel sad, angry, hurt, disappointed and afraid. And then watching these feeling pass and going back in to work and being pretty happy. In fact, happier and more productive than when I didn’t know.

In fact I’ve decided that I want to feel sad and a little disappointed, although fear and anger need to go.

My question is what to do in a model with sadness or disappointment as the feeling. What’s my action and result? Here’s one of my models below. The result doesn’t prove the thought? Or do I not do an unintentional model?

C: boss says he doesn’t know what role there is for me
T: that is really disappointing, I has been wanting to stay
F: sadness
A: feel sad. Reflect on situation
R: process my disappointment / grieve for the possibilities

Appreciate any guidance and wisdom here.