Model – Financial aid for college

My son has been offered large scholarships to two universities, but we’re waiting for the financial aid offer from one of them so we can compare apples-to-apples. Per a phone convo with that school today, we will receive it Thursday or Friday. The deadline to commit and keep the scholarship is Friday! Yikes!

Here’s the model I have, and I’m struggling to find the result…

C: College commitment deadline is Friday, and the advisor said, “the award letter should arrive Thursday or Friday.”
T: That’s not enough time to make an informed decision
F: Pressured
A: Spent hours crunching numbers, talk about it with others, sent emails to professionals asking advice, ruminate about how this choice will affect the next 4 years of his life and will affect how much debt he has when he’s done, shut down, buffer with social media
R: We will make a decision (?)

(I’m confused bc I feel like some of my actions are positive and some are negative. We WILL make a decision bc we have to or we lose the scholarships, but I feel like if we’re on a time constraint we might miss some details that could negatively impact us)