Model for alcohol

Hi Brook! Loving this month! The truth is I’m a VIP and have accomplished little. (that was painful to admit but there it is) You give us so much great information and I know if I do the work I have great success. So, why do I freeze up, buffer, procrastinate as soon as I start seeing results??? I am the queen of procrastination! I never knew why I always got so hungry the minute I sat down to do something I didn’t want to do-hello buffer!!
This month is so great in helping me focus. I love setting time limits for everything. My first goal is to be 100% accurate and honest with my drinking plan. I have set the goal to not drink anything that wasn’t planned 24 hours before. To be diligent about documenting my urges and planning for every social situation in detail.
I would like help with my models to see if they are done correctly.
C- Alcohol exists in the world
T- Too hard, I’ll miss out
F- Embarrassed, Awkward
A- drink even if I don’t want to
R- still drinking almost daily

C-alcohol exist in the world
T- I’m glad it’s there for others to enjoy
F- Strong and empowered
A- Never drink off plan
R- Rarely drinks

I’m usually the person that gets sucked into social situation and loses my focus. I would rather keep my wits about me and wake up feeling refreshed. I’m surrounded by drinkers and still struggling in becoming a non-drinker but love the concept of it not occupying my thoughts and having the power to say no thank you with no guilt or fear of judgement.

Timer is about to go off, off to the next thing on my list!
Thank you, I’m feeling very empowered