Model for Commitment to Business Goals

I believe when I focus on something I really want I can do almost anything in my business. The issue comes with my thought that if I don’t see the expected results, the Universe is pointing me in another direction and it’s a sign this isn’t for me. I’m trying to force something that’s not for my higher good.

How do I improve this thought or at least get to a neutral place when I’ve seen evidence of this in my past. I’m sure you’ll agree that my result is causing by this thought. I just don’t know where to begin to change this because it’s been ingrained in me with many of my spiritual teachings.

As a result, I change paths often and have a hard time committing to one goal. When I changed course last year after several failed attempts in one business, I saw improved results. I would appreciate your help with my model. Thank you!!

C – My business
T – I’m trying to force something that’s not for my higher good.
F – Disobedient, Inflexible
A- Hesitant about previous goals, change direction, let go of what I don’t believe is for me because of a higher purpose in favor of something else, ignoring the signs
R – I don’t achieve what I’m capable of because I’m all over the place

C – My business
T – ??
F – Committed
A – Mediate on my plans, ask for spiritual guidance on my plans then commit, modify the actions not the goal until ????
R – I accomplish what I set out to do