Model for impossible goal day 5

Unintentional model

C: Scale says new low weight
T: This is too easy, I can do this later (I know this is two thoughts)
F: Dismissive, lassiez-faire (kind of feels like meh, I don’t have to do this right now)
A: Stop planning protocol, stop making focused attention to weight loss, slowly start slipping until things get bad
R: I ensure that I indeed have to ‘do this later’

Intentional model:
I decided that the way I want to feel is calm and focused. I put that in the F line and filled in the rest.

C: Scale says new low weight
T: I am becoming a person who believes the # on the scale is neutral (since, right now, I currently WANT to believe this, but I don’t. I practice the thought every day, but my actions show I still don’t believe it)
F: Calm focus
A: Easily set protocol, don’t spend any time thinking about food/meals once they’re planned, I focus on the rest of my life and creating a ridiculous life with my thoughts. I feel my feelings. Do models on what shows up when I’m not obsessed with food.
R: I become a person who believes the # on the scale is neutral, and I set up neural pathways to be able to handle metrics and feedback in the future.

Open to feedback!