Hello this is my 1st month in scholar, i have been doing the model on a situation that has been creating suffering in my relationship for 3 years but i don’t feel this is working. I have 2 beautiful children with my partner and i outside of this problem we have a great life together. I would love to get married and he does not believe in marriage and and refuses to do it even if he knows how much it means to me. I have tried to get over it and i just can’t! my sensibility level on this issue has gone down since i started listening to Brooke but i still have resentment towards him and i have all these thoughts of us being separated that pop up whenever we have the slightest argument. These thoughts are so present and they feel so real that now i am convinced that we will end up separating. I constantly feel that i am not good enough, not loved enough and that my feelings do not matter to him. How should i model this effectively ? thanks a lot