Model for marriage

Hi Brooke,

My marriage is at a crossroads for a number of reasons and I’m struggling to come up with an alternative model for how I can proceed. I’m tired of putting energy into thinking about this and want to put energy into moving forward.

Current model;

C: Marriage
T: I don’t know whether to leave my husband or not
F: Scared, sad, guilty, confused, tired, stressed out
A: Am drained & overwhelmed from thinking about all the possible outcomes
R: No action is taken

The models I’m coming up with all seem to be neutralising each other like a pros and cons list and this is such a huge decision that doesn’t just affect me but our children and extended family which makes me think that’s it harder than it is. He’s my high school sweetheart who I’ve been with for 17 years, I feel like I have little support as all our friends are mutual, he’s a good man but I feel like we have grown apart and have different values and I’m basically making excuses for why it’s all too hard.