Model help

Hi there, so this is just a model i did at a situation that made me angry and didn’t serve me.
My friend and i bought tickets and travelled all the way to paris to an convention of our favorite series ONE TREE HILL.
At first our favorite actress cancelled 1 month ahead. Now we are here and 2 others cancelled. Basically the most important of the show are not here. I know its a luxury problem but i can’t help it!! It makes me so angry!
Here my unintentional model:
C: one tree hill stars cancelled for the convention
T: i could have spend the money and time better
F: so angry
A: want to write them a letter and tell all of them how mean that is, want to try to get a refund. Complaining about the situation
R: having a bad time in paris with my friend

Intentional model:
C: same as above
-> too angry to try to get my brain to think something positive.

Please help i want to learn not feel angry so much