Model help (1st submission)

I’m trying to work through this model and need a little help working through it.
C: Come over Thursdays (my day off)
T: I don’t have any say over how I choose to spend my day off
F: resentful
A: don’t speak up/don’t ask myself what I want to do, beat myself up because I’m frustrated with myself, whine to my husband, sometimes plan other things so I have a reason to not get together so I don’t have to risk disappointing daughter/granddaughter, judge daughter for assuming my day off is supposed to be spent with her
R: I continue to not have any say in my day

C: Come over Thursdays (my day off)
T:???? hard finding a thought that would generate the emotion/result I would like
F: loving
A: be honest with myself and my daughter and let her have her thoughts/feelings, spend my day my way (which may be with my daughter/granddaughter but I want to make that choice), , don’t beat myself up because I think I’ve disappointed them
R: I decide how I spend my time out of love/respect for myself/her

TIA and I’m looking forward to your assistance.