Model Help

Dear Brooke, I’m new to SCS and I did this practicing model as I’m trying to shift my thoughts to feel better. I would love your feedback.
Thanks so much. xx

C: my car is now crashed, economy back home plummeted and my parents no longer have enough money, I’m financially dependent from husband, my biz isn’t making money, one of my twins has ADD and he requires a lot of supervision, tutoring, and loving guidance.
T: too much stuff happening, dealing with the car accident and insurance has drained my energy and time. My son may not be admitted to the same school as his twin brother and this could mark him for the rest of his life. Isn’t right that bc my husband is the bread winner he makes important financial decisions on his own and leaves me out of the picture. Not sure what to focus on to get my biz up and running.
F: frustrated, afraid, victim, stuck, overeacting, little mojo.
A: not much gets done. I don’t let my light shine. We might pass our fears down to our son.
R: hard to get positive results for anyone.

Revised model:
C: same
T: so grateful the father of the teenager who crashed my car had insurance and that they didn’t injure anyone. So glad I joined SCS as I can get help with my mindset and learn what to focus my business on to move forward faster. I’m so lucky that, despite all the financial hurdles, we’re all healthy. So lucky, that my husband has the means to support the kids and myself. My son is making progress in school with very little meds, his self-esteem will improve, and he’ll have no issues at all. Everything will work out.
F: more encouraged, more focused as I replace old thoughts.
A: focused action, more inspired, better time management, able to shine.
R: results beyond imagined.