Model help

Hi Brooke, I am finding it difficult to complete today’s model from my thought download and would appreciate advice or pointers how I can make them better. The situation is that my mortgage is up for renewal in 2020 and I am worried because I won’t be able to renew it (not enough income) and I will have to sell.

C My house
T I wish I didn’t have to sell
F Anxious
A Think about options, constantly think and consider them all without making a decision.
R Nothing changes


C My house
F Safe and Secure (what I want to feel)

My partner of nearly 10 years always intended to take on the mortgage, but could not do so at first because he had a bad credit history and no one would lend to him. That was 7 years ago, and our 7 year plan was that he would buy into the house this year (2019). But he’s had more money issues (his income is good, it’s his mismanagement of his money that is the problem).

So I am now, 7 years later, reluctant to let him take on the mortgage (if he could get one) as I don’t want to risk losing the house.

The best dream I have had while pondering all this is that I could (1). sell the house, (2). Buy somewhere cheaper using most of the equity, so I would be mortgage free; (3). Use the rest of the equity to do the Coach Training !! (4). Make so much money I can buy any house I want, and leave a legacy for my kids, and provide for my partner too. That would be a dream come true!

That’s the first time I’ve written that out and it feels amazing ☺ and exciting! But, also very very scary, with so many “what ifs…”.
Thank you in advance for any help.