Model Help

Probably instead of using this thought in the model I should probably do some thought work on this thought as a C. But for now, I can’t seem to get a result line for this one.

C – SM Post I wrote yesterday
T – I wrote a post that feels icky and salesly and all my posts seem to be geared now to an offer since that is what I’m told I need to do. (it’s not really I am putting out value but everyday when I put something out that has an offer it feels icky).
F – uncomfortable/icky/anxious
A – I have more thoughts about my post such as: all my posts seem to ask for a sale which makes me feel like I’m just in this for the money not to help anyone. I felt like I didn’t know what to do next and I’m not offering valuable content and instead everything is geared to asking them to buy my product. I didn’t get much done in business yesterday, I wound up just doing house cleaning. I also saw that I got few likes (which I know doesn’t matter but it further confirmed to me that nobody is interested..which is good information on figuring out what does).
R – ???

so additional thoughts are leading me to prove it to seems salesly? Is that the result? but does the result have to be true? No right, it’s just proving my thought even if it’s not true. I don’t know why I’m choosing to be confused about this.